About NWGN|Overview

Background to establishment of the Forum

  • In light of the growing worldwide interest in creating a NWGN based on new design concepts and technologies, free of the constraints of existing technologies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications organized a “Study Group on Network Architecture”, chaired by Professor Hideyuki Tokuda, Keio University.
  • The Study Group discussed concepts for a NWGN, technical issues, and measures to promote its realization. It announced the importance of ensuring Japan’s international contributions by taking the international lead in realization the NWGN.
  • The “NWGN Promotion Forum” has been established for the purpose of realizing the above objective. It is an umbrella organization designed to bring together the combined knowledge and expertise of industry, academia and government, in order to develop a roadmap leading from fundamental research to applications, to study social and economical aspects, promote international standardization, and advance demonstration experiments.
About NWGN|Overview

Forum activities

  • Study strategies for research and development, ranging from fundamental research to applications
  • Study social and economic aspects of a NWGN
  • Advance construction of a testbed network and demonstration experiments
  • Share and disseminate the vision for a NWGN among relevant communities and keep them informed about progress on development of the network
  • Promote international cooperation in Asia and the West

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About NWGN